When component designers are working on a new product, they will always be looking to design in added benefits so that their products will stand out from the crowd. Two- shot...  more>>

Plastic injection moulding & toolmaking

Hymid offer both single and two shot plastic injection moulding, injection mould toolmaking, tool modifications & repairs: pre-production and prototype tooling and mould tool trials - along with technical plastic injection moulding of low to medium volume, high value components to sectors such as Medical, Healthcare, Electronics, Instrumentation and Test & Measurement. 

Our engineers have many years experience in plastic moulding and mould tooling: through working with you at the early stage of the product design process, we can optimise your new moulded products through our detailed 'design for manufacture' analysis.

We are happy to discuss your new or ongoing projects to find the solution that fits your needs - just give us a call!

2 Shot Moulding, UK


Two Shot Injection Moulding

single & two shot plastic injection moulding

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