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How to avoid explosions and other advice..

Posted by Hymid on November 05th 2015 in Seasonal news

Round about this time of year our thoughts turn to bonfires, sparklers, rockets and fountains (toffee apples also spring to mind, but that's another matter...)

Now - paying homage to a certain Guy Fawkes and his bungled plan to blow up our Houses of Parliament (by seemingly celebrating said plan by indulging our love of pyrotechnia at firework spectaculars the lenght and breadth of the nation) seems somewhat questionable IMHO...

But taking all risks into consideration when entering dangerous or hazardous environments is absolutely not out of the question - especially...

Frightfully good injection moulding

Posted by Hymid on October 28th 2015 in News

Looking for help getting your plastic products to market? Need a development partner or a UK manufacturing supplier?

From design for manufacture support during your initial concepts, to mould flow analysis: to prototyping and production of samples for your design verification and measurement - through to pre-production tooling, IQ, OQ and PQ validation programmes.

We can support you every step of the way, so don't be scared - call us today!

See medical injection mouldings here

Team Hymid Scoop Silver

Posted by Hymid on April 20th 2015 in News

EEF 'Future Manufacturing' National Runner-up, Developing People Award


The EEF Future Manufacturing Awards are open to all UK manufacturers, a well established and respected regional and national recognition of manufacturing success.

As South West regional winner, we donned our tuxedos for the Nationals at the Grand Connought Rooms London, and were thrilled to win runner up - pipped to the post by the UK arm of German firm ZF Lemforder, a 100 million t/o company, with 350 staff.

Not bad for an SME of >40 staff!


Overmould V 2 Shot Moulding: Vive La Difference!

Posted by Hymid on February 24th 2015 in Technical

When component designers are working on a new product, they will always be looking to design in added benefits so that their products will stand out from the crowd.

Two- shot moulding and overmoulding are methods of producing single components made up of two different plastics.

At its simplest, these methods are used for cosmetic reasons – when manufacturing methods that give these benefits as allow the creation of single plastic parts from two different plastics. This allows the designer to design components that are to be two colours – to incorporate a logo, for...

Twin-Shot Moulding Turns Up The Heat

Posted by Hymid on February 10th 2015 in News

The ‘Thermapen’ is sold worldwide by Worthing-based Electronic Temperature Instruments (ETI) and is regularly seen on our TV screens. It remains British made, using British manufacturing and mainly British components, with ETI stating that the product enjoys near ‘cult-status’ in the US, where there is a thriving BBQ market.

The best-selling Thermapen benefits from the new, streamlined manufacturing process. Images: ETI and Hymid

ETI approached Hymid to collaborate on improving the performance of the product, including overcoming problems such as dirt traps, eliminating water ingress, enhancing the look and...

Banish those midwinter doldrums…

Posted by Hymid on January 08th 2015 in News

January blues? Fear not - inject some colour with 2 shot moulding!

Plastic enclosures can come in all shapes and sizes, but a two-tone or two colour component can be made using 'two shot moulding' (twin-shot, 2k mould, multishot injection mould).

It's a technique that utilises two polymers which are chemically bonded during the manufacturing process, forming parts of two colours (in it's simplest form) and can incorporate:

added value benefits such as tactility (hard/soft touch) integrated screens and windows (clear/opaque) features such as buttons and seals to achieve Ingress Protection...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all at Hymid

Posted by Hymid on December 17th 2014 in News

Here's a nice festive picture...

Please note we will be closed from Tuesday 23rd December, and shall re-open on Monday 5th January




“Eggs Marks The Spot”

Posted by Hymid on October 30th 2014 in News

12 student teams hatched a plan to crack our engineering challenge at the Manufacturing, Technology & Innovation show at the Riviera International Centre, Torquay, Oct 23rd.

The teams were set the brief:

Design a simple contraption that will enable an egg to land on a given target - completely undamaged - from a height of approximately 4 metres.

So against the clock, they set to work using all the available materials and came up with some eggstremely ingenious solutions...

When both sessions were over (phew) the teams gathered outside to...

Flash to Bang Heads North: Thursday 16th October, Magna Science Adventure Centre

Posted by Hymid on October 16th 2014 in News


Do you appreciate the importance of good design?

Then you need to join us at the architectural gem of South Yorkshire for


 What? Flash to Bang is a free-of-charge product design workshop delivered by expert speakers, with lunch provided and plenty of networking opportunity...

Who? Anyone involved in bringing a product to market should attend.

How? Let’s explore Best Design Practice: design philosophy, user-centred design; the importance of ergonomics, tactility,...

Apprentice - “You’re Hired!”

Posted by Hymid on August 15th 2014 in News

Hymid are really pleased to announce that Jamie has accepted his new role of Project Engineer now that he has completed his Engineering  Apprenticeship with South Devon College.

I took the opportunity to ask (some would say 'interrogate') him about his experience of the Apprenticeship so others considering this path could hear his side 'straight from the horses mouth'...

Jamie had left school after ‘A’ levels not knowing quite what he wanted to do. After a couple of years, he decided he “wanted a career - not just a job”....