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2 shot moulding - here, there, everywhere

Updated: Jan 26

Two shot mouldings are all around – you may not even have noticed... Some examples are: In your car. Control knobs with integral pointers or graphics: quite often the pointer material is opaque or clear to act as a light pipe so that it can be illuminated. Just take a look at your dashboard. The climate or heater control knobs, the hazard button and the auxiliary control buttons are almost certainly made using the multi-shot injection moulding process. In your living room. Some twin shot control knobs are simply two colours of the same material such as you may find on audio, studio and other electronic equipment and others have tactile surfaces also produced using this process. In your kitchen. Cordless appliances where the base connector may require protection against water ingress (a cordless kettle is a prime example) or perhaps an electronics package that may require protection against humidity, spray or even complete immersion. Such as the Superfast Thermapen! Some manufacturers of electronic key fobs insist that the product must be able to survive an automatic washing machine cycle should the worst happen. Consider also a limit switch housing where the integral seal and actuator diaphragm are formed in one or as in the key fob where the seal and tactile keypads are formed in one. In your bathroom (or in your garage?). Handles with soft tactile areas such as you may find on your toothbrush, screwdriver or power tool. Soft touch areas that give enhanced grip and tactility, attributes that are also very welcome in medical equipment and ancillaries, and especially useful for those of us with an impaired ability to grip things. On the job. Shock protection in the form of elastomer pads moulded onto the corners of cases used to house sensitive equipment or complete surfaces such as you may find for instance on the lens rings and base caps of industrial torches, there specifically to make the product rugged and tactile.

Take a look around – there's too much 2-shot for you not to notice.


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