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A Splash of Renewal: Hymid’s Production Facility Facelift

Updated: Jan 26

Hymid’s continuing success owes as much to Team Hymid as to our technical capabilities and physical capacity. Our state-of-the-art production facility in Torquay would be nothing without our people, so we’re continually investing to make sure Team Hymid not only want to come to work but get to work in a great place! As part of this initiative, we’re undertaking a series of projects to improve our production facility, as well as initiating a separate brand strategy review to help us ensure our customers know what they buy into when working with Hymid, and our staff can get behind what we stand for! Outside we have re-roofed the whole facility, adding additional insulation for greater energy efficiency whilst reducing our environmental impact. The new roof is also now capable of taking solar panels; watch this space! And to top it all off, a fresh coat of paint is being applied to make the building look brand new!

Inside, we have embraced natural light by refitting numerous skylights that infuse our working environment with abundant sunlight. In addition, we have also fitted new industrial-style, energy-efficient LED lighting, strategically placed to ensure optimal visibility throughout the facility, to help make it a great working environment.

Hymid’s investment marks the continuation of an exciting journey for the business. By revitalizing our production facility and refreshing our image, Hymid is demonstrating its commitment to a successful future We’ll shortly be installing updated signs and road markings to aid visiting customers and supply chain partners to find us with greater ease, but also to enhance the visual impact of the facility - contributing to increased brand visibility in the local community where we’re proud to be located. This is an ongoing process, so to stay informed about the latest updates and developments, be sure to follow our blog and connect with us on LinkedIn. You can also find us on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok; be sure to follow us on your preferred social media channel today!


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