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Hymid shortlisted for Plastic Industry Award with Chilly's and Studio Wood

Updated: Jan 26

Hymid has been shortlisted for the Plastics Industry Award ‘Best Consumer Product Design – International’ for its work on the Chilly’s Series 2 range. Everyone at Hymid is delighted to see the hard work that went into the project being recognised.

Extensive collaboration between Hymid, Chilly’s and Studio Wood helped to create designs which not only look fantastic but are also highly innovative in the techniques and technologies employed, in order to create industry-leading products. Hymid is never satisfied with the status quo, we are always looking to explore how far we can push the boundaries of injection moulding, so we relish the opportunity to work on challenging projects which aim to go beyond consumer expectations.

The Chilly’s Series 2 range focuses on the reusability of portable drinks containers, negating the need for single-use disposable bottles and cups. The range includes both a water bottle and coffee cup which are thermally insulated, designed to keep drinks warm or cold for long periods. Working so closely with a company whose mission centres around sustainability and the adoption of reusable products, is exactly the kind of work that Hymid prides itself on.

Hymid, Chilly’s and Studio Wood formed a close partnership on the ambitious designs of the Series 2 range. With complex interlocking geometries to consider, as well as the incorporation of challenging two-shot components, Hymid had to call on their extensive injection moulding and material knowledge to help bring the product designs to life. Low tolerances, user interaction, ease of cleanliness, material degradation and colour matching were all challenges that had to be considered and overcome.

Whilst Hymid have only been shortlisted for ‘Best Consumer Product Design – International’ and hasn’t won the award (yet), it is great to be recognised for the work that’s been done. We hope to take on many more ambitious projects in the future to help innovate and drive the industry forward.

As one of the UK’s leading technical injection moulding experts, research and development is at the heart of what Hymid does. Ensuring we are at the forefront of what’s possible using injection moulding techniques means that your product will always be the best that it can be.


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