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Rugged Injection Moulded Enclosures

Updated: Jan 26

January blues? Fear not – inject some colour with 2 shot moulding! Plastic enclosures can come in all shapes and sizes, but a two-tone or two-colour component can be made using 'two shot moulding' (twin-shot, 2k mould, multishot injection mould). It's a technique that utilises two polymers which are chemically bonded during the manufacturing process, forming parts of two colours (in its simplest form) and can incorporate:

added value benefits such as tactility (hard/soft touch)

Integrated screens and windows (clear/opaque) features such as buttons and seals to achieve an Ingress Protection rating of IP47 which is particularly handy should you be as unlucky as Dr Foster and regularly fall into pools of rainwater: or get caught short without full wet weather gear whilst out and about clutching your high-end electronic widget this January... IP-rated enclosures will keep your gadgets dry as a sun-baked slowworm. Two-shot moulding can also mean the entire electronic unit is 'ruggedised' - for example, the sensitive electronics inside are protected thanks to a hard substrate (first shot) of polycarbonate, whilst a second shot of TPE provides integrated 'bumpers' that act as shock absorbers (mechanically bonded through the first shot) forming a further protective skin around the unit, encasing it like an intrepid Artic explorer's gilet. For more about this, contact us.


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