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The Checkit thermal probe device on a bright blue backdrop.


development and added value

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Elektron Technology creates and develops products and services within commercial kitchens that connect, monitor and control.

They came to Hymid to help deliver the key elements of their smart technology platform called Checkit that gives real-time management of people, processes and compliance within service industries.

The Checkit Thermal Probe with the End Cap removed, showing the bayonet attachment features.
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The Checkit Thermal Probe with End Cap fitted.

Injection moulded interconnected products

Hymid supported 31 separate moulded components across multiple elements of this project. Innovative technical solutions had to be found to refine component design and then to create tooling, always within the brief of tight budgetary control.


The project included:

  • A handheld Bluetooth-enabled temperature probe with integrated two-shot button to give a stylish, watertight enclosure

  • A mobile phone enclosure to create a memo device with a soft covering for impact resistance and user comfort

  • Docking station for memo device

  • Caseworks for a hub, and repeater components that included integrated light pipes to indicate device status without allowing water ingress or compromising food safety

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Technical moulding expertise


Hymid was able to add value at every stage for the client, especially where several highly technical and innovative approaches were required to achieve the client’s goals.


Examples of the areas that benefited from Hymid’s input included:

  • Research and trialling of silver ion additive to the base polymer to increase resistance to microbial growth

  • Extensive development into material properties and component design to ensure the Probe achieved IP68 (waterproof and dishwasher safe)

  • An advanced thin wall moulding technique to enable light transmission from the internal LED

  • Obtaining an optimal technical to cost benefit ratio for a heat-reactive agent to allow a batch serial identification code to be laser-etched into each component during manufacture

  • Innovative use of moulded-in light pipes, located on a single tethering part prior to injecting polymer to allow multiple component design configurations from limited tooling

  • Complex moulded parts for an advanced thermal sensing probe, incorporating back gasket, cap, casing, dock, PCB carrier and PCB clip

  • Research and development of an advanced elastomeric grade polymer to provide shock resistance and a soft touch feel that was compatible with an adhesive to achieve IP68 rating

The Checkit Thermal Probe.
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The Checkit Thermal Probe on a large flat surface with a bright blue backdrop.



The Checkit Platform provides frontline staff, supervisors and managers the technology that they need to record, monitor and audit work as it happens.

The whole range of products is now commercially available and has become standard equipment for many organisations in a wide variety of service industries.

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