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A person in industrial uniform wearing a Crowcon gas detector.


There’s more to this industry than meets the eye. Stringent safety standards, compliance to industry regulations and myriad market-specific expectations. Hymid have been developing tough, high-performance enclosures for industry-specific electronic devices for many years.

We know how it’s done. 

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It all starts with R&D and our team are on-hand to support with the design and detail specification of your new product development project.

We've worked with a range of clients over the years and have solved many challenges along the way. This knowledge adds value to the design process itself, but also de-risks the project from the outset.


With our guidance on best practises, your project is in safe hands.

A person working at a computer on an industrial design program.
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An injection mould tool.

sophisticated tooling

Premium enclosures often require more complex tooling than that of more common parts.


Both two shot and over mould tooling are often utilised to maximise the performance of the finished device. Rubberised elastomeric materials create a more robust enclosure, whilst clear polycarbonate is perfect for a strong substrate that includes windows and light guides.

As well as allowing for the use of multiple injection moulded polymer materials, Hymid can also support with in-moulded items such as charger contact pins or threaded inserts. 

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Our facility is perfectly equipped to handle the manufacture of industrial devices.

Hymid's two shot Arburg injection moulding machines produce repeatable high-quality parts from a range of exotic and purpose-specific materials, including anti-static (ATEX) and flame retarding (UL94) grades. We also have the correct policies in place to ensure no contaminates or inclusions will affect functionality of the finished device.

Our production staff and inspection teams ensure parts are delivered as agreed; within specification and on time.

Some moulded Crowon T4 Rear mouldings.
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A completed Crown T4 gas detector device.


If you're looking to develop a new handheld enclosure for use within industry - you should probably be talking to us.

Hymid's sales, design and project teams are all well positioned to provide the project support you will need from the outset of your NPD project.

We will work closely with your teams to ensure budgets are set (and maintained), the specification is established and agreed whilst the project planning and schedule for delivery is shared and updated regularly.

For launching an intrinsically safe device, you need an intrinsically safe partner to support you throughout.

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