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Chilly's Series2 Flip Lid


Producing innovative and successful products for the consumer market requires a high level of empathy for the intent behind the idea. We work closely with marketing and design teams to ensure the criteria of the product is delivered with minimal compromise to the brief.

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"...any colour so long as it's black"?

Those days are gone. Consumers demand the latest visual effects and in injection moulding, the choice of colour is almost limitless.

Our project team is fully versed in colour matching principals and utilise various RAL and Pantone reference plaques, alongside our own spectrophotometer and calibrated light box equipment, ensuring LAB values are defined and adhered to.

Hymid + Chillys
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Chilly's Series2 Bottle


The range of polymers we can offer is simply huge.


We have a range of excellent suppliers who are able to provide us with materials to almost any specification; great value commodity to sophisticated engineering grades. Soft-touch elastomers designed for wearable-tech or metal-replacement polyamides with carbon fibres added for stiffness.

Just let us know what your product might benefit from and we’ll begin our research.

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Surface Finish

Hymid is able to provide a wide range of in-mould surface finishes.


We can offer traditional textures to VDI, Yick Sang or Mold Tech criteria and also offer advanced techniques such as laser engraved decoration.


Our aim is to remove the obstacles from your design team, ensuring that we keep you at the cutting-edge of consumer tech.

Chilly's Series 2 Flip Lid
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Chilly's Series2 Drinks Bottle


It’s not superficial. The key to selling into the world’s consumer markets often lies with regulatory compliance.


There is a plethora of standards that need to be met depending upon the product type and region the product is to be retailed into.


We have worked closely with our clients for many years to understand the constraints they face and ensure that their products are developed to remain safe, compliant and successful.

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