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This is where we get serious.
Our mould tools are co-developed alongside a selection of UK and international tool makers. 
Hymid's tool design review process is industry-leading, where we specify each mould to exact standards.

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Following the design for manufacture (DFM) phase for each component, we initiate the tool design process.


This is a collaborative sequence of CAD data changes, reviews and improvements between the pre-selected tool maker and a broad cross-section of Hymid’s technical staff.

Our documented GA reviews are strictly governed by our tool build manual which is an established foundation within each of our suppliers.


This ensures we are off to a flying start before drilling into the finite detail, all of which results in the ‘right first time’ expectation of our tool trials.

A CAD model of an injection mould tool general assembly.
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A screen-shot of a piece of time planning software.

Project Management

Our Project team will provide a clear, detailed and up-to-date project plan via a live link at the outset of each project.


This planner provides an unequivocal schedule for each mould tool and includes every key stage along the path to production approval.

Our project engineers will be on site to oversee the tool build whilst a weekly update on progress is supplied via email to ensure you are kept abreast of all activity.


In addition, a rolling (fortnightly) Teams meeting ensures you have the opportunity to raise queries or requests, one-to-one with our Project team.

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Tool Trialling

Once we are confident that the mould tool is complete, the process of trialling begins. 

Each mould tool we supply includes; a discreet T0 trial, a T1 trial with parts supplied for review, a pre-export trial with parts supplied for export-approval and a pre-production trial at our own facility, including SSR (sample submission report) and ISIR (initial sample inspection report) processes that capture the pre-production approval as well as measurement data and gold-samples for safe-keeping.

It’s common to require tweaks to the component design at some stage. Where these are requested, we will support with modifications in the same professional and courteous manner you will have come to expect and provide a high level of support to ensure they are actioned precisely and swiftly to reduce hindrance to you project.

Joe Wilkins, Hymid Technical Director
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An injection mould machine with automated de-moulding.

UK Production

Once the tool has been delivered into our facility, we begin a formal assessment against the approved design as well as the export approval documentation.


Our in-house tool makers will then strip, assess, clean and re-build the tool, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

This activity confirms that the mould tool has been built to spec, is capable of producing parts to spec. and is going to run for the full life of the UK guarantee we provide it with.

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