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An injection moulded part for Vicon Motion Systems.


Also known as ‘conventional’ injection moulding; there is little conventional about many of the components we manufacture.

Using a range of Arburg and Fanuc injection moulding machines in our dedicated facility;

we are at the cutting-edge of technical injection moulded polymers.

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The process of injection moulding is a relatively basic concept.

It involves four key stages;

  1. melting of the polymer granules

  2. injecting the molten polymer into a cavity

  3. cooling of the polymer until it freezes-off

  4. de-moulding the part from the cavity (ejection)

To do it well, takes a little more consideration.

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An injection mould tool with debossed detail in the side action.

PRECISION Mould Tooling


To create exceptional moulded parts, a high quality tool is required.


We have developed relationships with a series of talented tool makers around the globe and can source tooling to any standard necessary.


From low volume batch manufacture to sophisticated medical device qualification capable, we tailor our tooling packages for each project.

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A tool maker inspecting a piece of die-work.



Our on-site toolmakers are always on standby to support the production facility. Our team of highly trained staff have all the knowledge and skills necessary to service, maintain, modify and correct any element of the mould tool that may require it.

By acquiring and maintaining high quality mould tools, our technical process engineers have the best starting point for creating an optimised process that meets the technical criteria.

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Injection Presses


Hymid’s facility was built specifically for injection moulding.


This means we have the perfect infrastructure for handing the moulding process.


We have also invested heavily in some of the finest injection moulding machines (presses) in the world, including a range of single and two-shot Arburg’s as well as a smaller Fanuc which is ideal for micro-moulding.

Hymid's UK production facility.
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A production operator taking an injection moulded part off a conveyor belt.

Production Control


Quality is at the heart of everything we do.

We have a team of fantastic operators who are all well-trained and skilled in their roles. Each member of staff understands the pivotal role they play in delivering excellence for our customers.

We also have a dedicated team of Quality staff who support production with guidance and inspection criteria. 

We collectively work to a certified quality management system (ISO9001 and ISO13485).

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