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Hymid's design team are on hand with a dedicated mould flow analysis system.


All great products start somewhere, and the UK's R&D scene is currently booming!

Our dedicated team are always on standby to discuss new design ideas, technologies and philosophies.

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We don't just talk the talk about new product development. 

Hymid's Design Team includes; industrial, mechanical and tool design engineers, offering a breadth of experience that adds tangible value to the NPD process.  

We believe in pushing the boundaries of component design and are capable of dealing with the most complex challenges we are faced with.

A sketch of some modern sunglasses.
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A CAD model of some sunglasses with electronic components inside.


We offer an all-encompassing Design For Manufacture service alongside our new tooling development programme.

Working closely alongside our clients, we make sure no stone is left unturned when simulating the component manufacture.

Our state-of-the-art mould flow software provides reliable data and can be used as a development tool to optimise parts for cost and performance. 

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Our philosophy is one of collaboration.


We strive to become another branch of your operation - adding value and support wherever necessary, but without overstepping the mark.

We are here to help and love to discuss all things design over a coffee!

Some advanced sunglasses including a heads-up display system.
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The heads-up display system of some advanced sunglasses.


It usually only takes a short phone call to scope-out the level of design support you may require to advance your project.

Our DFM feedback is always neutral and aims to support the design of your product, whether your aim is to manufacture the device with us, or otherwise.

We provide a completely free-of-charge consultation process and suggest completing our mutual NDA agreement to cover both parties prior to disclosing any intellectual property.

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