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The internal moulded components of an FFE Fire Ray One smoke detector system.


Making world-class injection moulded components requires a dedicated facility built around sophisticated equipment and controlled processes. 
It also requires talent, knowledge and experience. Rest assured; our team understands the science behind injection moulding. 

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Vast Opportunities


When appropriately specified, injection moulded parts can offer a huge range of exciting properties that will enhance the finished product.


From exceptional surface finishes to metal-like strength; water ingress protection to anti-static and conductive properties. The world of plastic resins has grown to offer solutions for all manner of applications.

Understanding the application and environmental operating conditions of the end device is a good starting point to draw a shortlist. Our team of designers and project engineers can support with scoping-out your options.

An operator holding an injection moulded part.
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A robot arm placing an injection moulded part on a conveyor.

Process Optimisation


There is a science to high quality moulded parts; taking guess-work out of the equation.


Each and every one of our injection mould tools undergoes a complete UK mould trialling process to ensure it runs smoothly and consistently according to approved production samples. 

In certain circumstances, even greater consistency and repeatability are required. In these situations, our team of skilled process engineers will adopt a stringent process optimisation process to establish the perfect conditions for creating the best parts; balancing technical performance, cosmetic properties and value.  

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In-Full & On-Time Delivery


Hymid is proud to run a tight ship. We use a live data stream that allows us to track our efficiencies; both under our own roof and for the safe delivery of parts to our clients.

This ensures our clients receive exactly what they need, when they need it; improving their own supply chain efficiencies.

A series of identical injection moulded parts, placed within a shipping tote.
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A man performing a visual check of an injection moulded part.

Value-Adding Customisation


Even the best injection moulded parts can benefit from the skill of our Second Operations department.


We perform a wide range of value add services such as with the ultrasonic welding of threaded inserts, the minor sub-assembly of seals, or applying window protector films prior to packing and shipping goods.


Just ask what we can offer to support your project. 

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