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A Vicon Valkyrie motion capture camera device.


High-end design for manufacture

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Hymid worked with Vicon Motion Systems, a world leader in professional motion capture systems, to develop a new camera built with plastic injection moulded components as an alternative to its traditional metal die-cast parts.


The objective was to ensure that the perceived value of these new cameras would not be compromised, and that the end user would benefit from a more cost-effective lighter weight product.

A scene from the filming of the Avengers movie, filmed using Vicon motion capture technology.
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Some injection moulded parts being placed on a conveyor having just been injection moulded.

Technical performance without sacrificing aesthetics


Our design for manufacture input began with the process of advising on material selection for these parts.


This meant that the following criteria had to be considered and accommodated:

  • RF shielding

  • Heat dissipation

  • Weight reduction

  • Cosmetic excellence

  • Competitive price point

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Technical Moulding


Many solutions were considered including metal filled polymers and two-shot moulding, but it was decided that single shot mouldings with two different post-mould paint finishes offered the best solution to meet the specifications. Hymid took ownership of the subsequent vendor selection process and ensured that the component design was adjusted to accommodate the painter’s requirements.

Further development and enhancement of the design ensured that each element of the assembly could be made efficiently without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics. Mould flow simulation software was used to identify potential moulding issues, and this helped to develop the tooling specification that guided the mould toolmakers.

A series of injection moulded lenses working their way down a conveyor.
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Some injection moulded components which have been manufactured and are now being placed into a cardboard box.



Careful review of each tool design preceded an intense period of toolmaking and trialling which led to samples of each element which gave a real sense of the potential of this product.

Hymid went on to develop jigs, fixtures and work instructions which ensured that each element of the assembly was controlled throughout every stage of its manufacturing process such as moulding, painting or the fitting of post-mould thread inserts.

Hymid and Vicon’s collaboration led to a great looking product that met the demanding specified requirements. Subsequent sales have proved that the new camera is popular with end users in a range of industries that revolve around motion capture technology.

Think of us next time you’re watching a superhero on the big screen as Vicon cameras will most likely be responsible for bringing the impossible into our homes.

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