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A large plastic moulded Canister for Sagetech Medical.


A case study that details the collaborative development partnership between SageTech Medical Ltd. and their development partner, Hymid.

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the challenge

Did you know that the healthcare sector plays a significant role in greenhouse gas emissions? One often-overlooked culprit? Waste anaesthetic agents used in surgery. These potent gases are released into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change and impacting air quality.

SageTech Medical Ltd, a company dedicated to sustainable solutions, saw this challenge and developed the innovative SID-Solutions system. This system features the SID-Can, a capture canister designed to capture and recycle harmful waste anaesthetic gases in partnership with the

SID-Dock capture system.

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"People say, oh I didn't know about this technology, I've never heard of this. I never understood that this was a problem. 

When you explain this to people... it is a complete unknown."

Darren Barrett, Head of Engineering

SageTech Medical Ltd.

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The hymid difference...


SageTech had a brilliant vision. The concept held immense potential to revolutionize sustainability in healthcare. However, translating that vision into a commercially viable product required a plastic injection mould partner with Design for Manufacturability (DfM) expertise. SageTech began seeking a partner to help them take the next step on their manufacturing journey.

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This is where Hymid stepped in.​


Our team of experienced designers and engineers joined forces with SageTech to optimize their initial product design for efficient and cost-effective production. Through clear communication and a commitment to collaboration, we tackled the technical challenges head-on, ensuring the final product lived up to SageTech's innovative vision.

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"Looking through their capability and the current work they were doing; after the team, meeting the people involved, they came over as genuine. Very capable."

Darren Barrett, Head of Engineering

SageTech Medical Ltd.

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design for sustainability

SageTech and Hymid’s engineers collaborated to create a design that's not just innovative, but also environmentally responsible:

By prioritizing these factors, Hymid and SageTech were able to create a design that delivers on both functionality and sustainability.

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"The Hymid design process was very much centred around DFM (design for manufacturing), taking the design knowledge of SageTech and introducing it into the process that Hymid were au fait with."

Richard Lees, Design Director


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OVercoming manufacturing hurdles...

With the design phase complete it was time to focus on taking the next step in the manufacturing journey - translating the design into reality.


This presented some unique challenges:

By working closely with SageTech and leveraging our expertise in precision manufacturing, Hymid successfully navigated these challenges.


The result? A streamlined production process capable of delivering high-quality SID-Can canisters, paving the way for a successful product launch.

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Award-Winning Partnership


In recognition of the project's groundbreaking contribution to sustainability in healthcare, the Hymid-SageTech partnership was awarded the Sustainability Award at the 2023 Med-Tech Innovation Awards. This national recognition highlights the potential of the SID-Solutions system to make a significant impact on the healthcare system.

The SID-Solutions system stands as a powerful example of what can be achieved when innovative design meets expert manufacturing. This award-winning partnership is paving the way for a greener future in healthcare, one breath at a time.

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"Working with Hymid has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. They have helped us through every step of the process; through design, complex tool manufacturing and supply of the product."

Dr Stephen Wileman, Head of Research

SageTech Medical Ltd.