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Design Partnership Through to Manufacture

Updated: Jan 4

Technical Design for Manufacture with Chilly's


Three years of design, re-engineered from the base up.


This is how Chilly’s describes their Series 2 reusable water bottles and coffee cups.


Hymid was engaged to collaborate alongside Studio Wood to develop a new range of Chilly’s reusable drinks bottles and cups, taking their successful design-led products to a new level of user-experience and performance.

Technical expertise at the heart of the dFM process


Hymid has provided the technical input to convert the design concepts for the latest range of Chilly’s re-usable drinks bottles into a production reality.


The ‘Series 2’ Chilly’s bottle and coffee cup have a vacuum insulated, dual stainless-steel wall to keep drinks cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12 hours.


The addition of key injection moulded components has enabled Chilly’s to provide a more practical and enjoyable drinking experience.

User Interaction + User experience


Much of our work was applied to the mouth of both products, where the moulded components meet with the stainless steel to optimise the user interaction, as well as improving the thermal sealing properties of the final assembly.


The apparent simplicity of the contemporary design was achieved using a high level of technical design and engineering. Our ability to collaborate with various key stakeholders in the new product development (NPD) process has ensured a balanced input of critical engineering control alongside the innovative product design.



Working alongside the client as well as the design team, tool makers and production engineers, Hymid was able to support in the creation of a highly sophisticated suite of precision engineered tooling.


The guiding influence provided throughout the development journey has undoubtedly reduced risk and optimised the manufacturing and production processes.

Consumer Benefits 


  • Injection moulded soft-touch anti-microbial collar for the bottle, incorporating two threads: a screw-in bung with two-shot elastomer seal, and a reverse screw opening for drinking or pouring.

  • Rigorous development of ‘Colour, Material and Finish’ (CMF) to ensure the product met the client brief of being tactile and functional while retaining the core values of the brand aesthetic.


  • Use of recyclable materials and easily dismantlable constituent parts, to ensure a responsible end-of-life for the product.

Value-Adding Technology


  • Selection of polymers capable of performing alongside the stainless steel at extreme hot and cold temperatures.


  • Long-lasting antimicrobial properties through use of Biocote’s proprietary additive technology.


  • Two shot injection moulded carry loop in a soft-touch elastomer, connecting to the lid assembly via co-moulded, press-fit stud pins.


  • Robust screw-on soft touch coffee cup collar, with rotating lockable lid to avoid spillages while improving the user interaction and experience.

You can hear more about the design aspects of the range on the Chilly’s website:


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