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Mission Impossible? No, Mission Critical Part 2

Updated: Jan 26

What is the typical environment in which 'safety critical' components are used? Not only have we got a twin-shot gas detection device - we also have the Wolf Safety torch. Like the gas detection devices, the torch design features a high-grip ergonomic form with easy single-handed switching, even with gloved hands.

The torch body offers high strength, and proven impact resistance even at sub-zero temperatures, using carefully selected thermoplastic resins with excellent chemical resistance. Additionally, the rubber armoured lens ring and end cap give enhanced grip and shock protection. This lens ring is a two shot moulding, the second shot is photoluminescent TPE: the  'glow in the dark' lens ring and high visibility yellow body make the torch highly conspicuous in dark conditions. The torch is ATEX-approved for safe use in potentially explosive environments and is used by RAF groundcrew for inspection and maintenance of aircraft.  The UK Defence Fire Service also uses the torch for fire-fighting applications in British military bases. These two examples utilise the benefits of two-shot moulding in safety-critical applications – IP-rated, ATEX-approved, waterproof, shock-proof, and dust-proof - used in extreme environments – where lives depend upon them.


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