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Success in Environmental Sustainability


The manufacture of virgin anaesthetic agents and their release as potent greenhouse gases are highly damaging to the environment and contribute significantly to the carbon footprint of healthcare. By offering a safe, sustainable, and easy-to-use solution for the capture and recycling of these waste volatile agents, SageTech are providing hospitals and clinics with a straightforward solution that will make a real difference to our planet.

SageTech approached Hymid in February 2022 following the development of their initial design concept. SageTech identified the need to source specialist assistance in light weighting, cost reduction and manufacturing, and with their strong history of design and manufacturing excellence, Hymid were the preferred option.

Innovation for sustainability

Considering the product’s lengthy lifecycle and exposure to challenging operating conditions for extended periods of time, the industrial design had to account for factors such as chemical exposure and the use of cleaning agents in operating theatres. Additionally, the design needed to mitigate shock and impact damage, requiring a thorough Finite Element Analysis (FEA) process.

A further consideration was the need to be lightweight. The initial prototype of the SID-Can utilized stainless steel components, which added weight to the overall design. This, in turn, added to the cost of production as well as its carbon footprint, so there was a real desire to replace the metal components with plastics to deliver on both counts.

To meet these requirements, the partners focused on clear and careful design collaboration, each bringing their specific expertise to the project.

From Design to Production

Comprehensive design work conducted before the tool development phase was instrumental in its success. By investing extensive time and effort into the initial design phase, the team identified potential issues and constraints early on, allowing for these issues to be addressed proactively during the tooling process. This approach ensured a smooth execution of the tooling phase and resulted in tools that met the required specifications effectively.

Once the tool design phase was finished, attention was turned to tool trialling - an essential step in the development process. The injection moulding tools were subjected to a battery of tests and evaluations to verify their functionality, durability, and ability to produce top-quality products.

After a successful trialling period, the tools proved their capability to deliver the desired outcomes. Samples of the product were produced in volume, and the quality of the final results met SageTech’s quality standards. This sign-off marked a significant milestone in the tooling process, indicating that the tools were ready for full-scale production.

Continuous Supply & an Ongoing Partnership

With the parts successfully approved, Hymid swung into action moulding a pilot production quantity to support urgent trials and the initial roll out. Since then, Hymid have continued to work with SageTech in a responsive and agile manner to ensure that customer promises made by SageTech are met, and that the product is the best that it can be, including further modifications and improvements.

The partnership between SageTech and Hymid is going from strength to strength with the bond grounded in a solid foundation of trust and collaboration, providing a firm building block for the success of SageTech’s SID- Solutions product range.

Med-Tech Innovation Awards

Following the successful collaboration between SageTech and Hymid, the opportunity was identified to enter the national Med-Tech Innovation Awards in March 2023. The final product developed through the partnership was nominated for the Sustainability Award, recognizing its potentially significant contribution to sustainability in healthcare practices.

Representatives from SageTech and Hymid attended the awards ceremony in June 2023, and despite fierce competition in the category, the partnership’s efforts were recognised as a national award winner.

This national recognition is a testament to the strength of the collaboration, expertise, design and manufacturing prowess of both SageTech and its development partner, Hymid. Furthermore, it recognises the scope of the product and its potential impact on the nation’s drive towards Net Zero.

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