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Twin-Shot Moulding Turns Up The Heat

Updated: Jan 26

The ‘Thermapen’ is sold worldwide by Worthing-based Electronic Temperature Instruments (ETI) and is regularly seen on our TV screens. It remains British-made, using British manufacturing and mainly British components, with ETI stating that the product enjoys near ‘cult status’ in the US, where there is a thriving BBQ market.

The best-selling Thermapen benefits from the new, streamlined manufacturing process. Images: ETI and Hymid ETI approached Hymid to collaborate on improving the performance of the product, including overcoming problems such as dirt traps, eliminating water ingress, and enhancing the look and feel whilst enriching the end users’ experience. ETI specified the need for a reduced number of parts with less assembly and production time. After the redesign, the added functionality of twin-shot moulding resulted in the incorporation of water-resistant integral seals both in the Thermapen’s case halves and the battery cover, as well as an in-moulded window with zero risk of undesired leak paths, meaning a vastly reduced potential for bacterial growth in sharp edges and corners. Finally, the revised process resulted in an enhanced look and feel to the product and an increased perceived value and build quality.

“The long-term benefits that two-shot components can bring include reducing production and customer returns; less assembly time and complexity; simplifying the supply chain and reducing stock numbers – saving long-term costs for storage, inventory and warehouse management” Hymid’s MD, Tom McMurtrie.

ETI says the Thermapen is now the best-selling culinary thermometer in the world and the company’s global sales achievement has resulted in it twice being recognised with the Queen's Award for Export.


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