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10 reasons to use Hymid for plastic injection moulding

Updated: Jan 26

Injection moulding using plastics can overcome a wide range of issues in development of instrumentation. At Hymid we work with our clients from the design stage to find solutions to their problems. If you want a handheld electronic enclosure with an intricate design but don’t know where to start, then a call to Hymid could make what you thought impossible not only possible but with efficiencies that can potentially reduce cost and lead times.

Why choose Hymid as your partner?

1. We are not an agent. We take full responsibility for the entire toolmaking project. 2. We eliminate your risk. We have forged excellent relations with our Far Eastern tool suppliers through our deep understanding of Chinese culture and practice. 3. We're a bone fide British company, with a fully equipped toolroom and mould shop. 4. You get value for money. We don’t do cheap; we do quality – from the design through to tools and production. Cheap tools invariably cause long-term problems and delay your product getting to market. 5. You benefit from engineering expertise. Your project will be supported by Design, Manufacturing and Process Engineers with vast combined expertise in single and two-shot moulding projects. 6. You get the assurance of ISO 9001. Our certification is our guarantee of full traceability – all supported by an MRP system which fully integrates processes. Plus we have the ISO 13485 certification for medical equipment. 7. Our technical experts project-manage tools from within China, dealing with any issues on the spot – not on the phone. 8. We analyse the component design of all new projects to see if our experience of 'design for manufacture' can improve mouldability; minimise second operations, reduce assembly time and simplify tooling – adding value at every stage. 9. Our facilities are first-rate and available for inspection. I fact, our doors are open to all because we are proud of our quality of production and believe face-to-face meetings create trust and avoid confusion. We’re a nice bunch, too! 10. We are problem solvers and solution finders. Hymid are “…second to none when it comes to Two Shot moulding” says Robert Dix, Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd. You'll find even more reasons to use us once you've met us. Give us a call on 01803 615308 and we'd be delighted to explore your instrumentation project.


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