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Why Hymid Should Be Your Instrumentation Manufacturing Partner

Updated: Jan 26

Hymid specialises in technical injection moulding projects, whether that be for single or two-shot moulded components. The extensive knowledge required for the complexity of two-shot mouldings feeds through into all of our projects, so our industry-leading expertise benefits all our customers, even those with simpler single-shot requirements.

Some technical instruments, particularly those about safety, are often highly regulated and therefore have strict design parameters. Hymid has the experience required to adhere to these regulations and parameters, whilst creating fantastic products that go beyond customer expectations.

Instrumentation Design Considerations

As mentioned above, the requirements for some instrumentation devices can be very stringent. A lot of technical instruments are designed to keep people safe, so it’s imperative that they’re made to the highest quality and cont inue to work reliably time and time again. Material selection is a very important consideration when developing a design, as each polymer has its own set of characteristics and will be better suited for different environments and use cases. For instance, with a Voltmeter, it would be important to select a polymer with both high electrical insulation and low hygroscopicity (water absorption). On the other hand, for a Thermometer used by chefs, choosing a polymer that is food-safe and stable in high-temperature environments would be more suitable.

Another important consideration is the type of moulding process to use; single-shot or two-shot. Single-shot mouldings are most suitable for simple components which only require a single colour and texture. There are a number of different ways to combine components; they can be manually fitted together as separate parts or a component can be moulded over an existing part (over-moulding), or the components can be produced together as a single part in a two-shot moulding process. Two-shot moulding has a number of advantages compared with the manual fitting of components or over-moulding, such as improved aesthetics, stronger bond between the parts, faster production and lower total component prices. The team at Hymid have the required expertise to explore product designs in extensive technical detail, to determine which process is most suited to your project. We appreciate that every product is different, so we work with customers in a bespoke manner to achieve their goals.

Superior Design Capabilities

Hymid’s extensive design capabilities and expertise in all areas of injection moulding ensure that your product will not only be optimised for production but will also look and function at its best. Hymid’s experience in producing high-quality single and two-shot parts means that we can help to optimise your design and improve the product’s functionality and aesthetics so that you can exceed customer expectations. Hymid thrives on the challenge of optimising designs for production, (known as Design for Manufacture “DfM”) and our design team enjoy working alongside external designers from the outset of projects.

Why Choose Hymid?

Hymid has a huge amount of experience in producing parts for high-end instruments, as well as conforming to industry regulations and manufacturing products designed for challenging environments. Our extensive design and technical capabilities set us apart from the competition. We care about quality; it starts with our design work and runs right through our entire manufacturing set-up. Give us a call or email for a friendly and in-depth chat about your project to see if we can help.


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