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Cleanroom & Metrology Capability Now ISO13485 Certified

Updated: Jan 26

Hymid have always been proud of their ISO13485 certification as it evidences the capability to repeatably produce parts to the highest quality. We are pleased to announce that we passed our recent ISO13485 re-audit! The feedback was incredibly positive – showing a clear improvement from our previous successful audit, with only two minor suggestions for improvement, which we will, of course, be implementing in due course.

As part of our continuous improvement and investment programme, Hymid recently installed a Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and commissioned a Class 7 Cleanroom. These new additions were included in the ISO 13485 audit, for the first time. The CMM provides precise measurement within a few microns, facilitating extremely high degrees of accuracy for key part dimensions. The Cleanroom enables parts to be produced, checked and packaged in a controlled environment which is vital for sensitive medical devices, such as certain intravenous devices.

Our investment programme doesn’t just include machinery and hardware, but also the training of staff, which is just as important. Hymid constantly offers staff the opportunity to undertake further learning and advance their knowledge, which helps to both develop their personal skills and also increases the company’s knowledge base, in order to better serve customers. Recent examples include one of our shift supervisors, Adam, and a new starter to the company, Katy. Adam is attending a course to further his knowledge about the technical aspects of the injection moulding process, while Katy will be undergoing intensive training on aspects of setting up and operating the CMM.

Whether your requirement is for the production of a medical device or a product in a completely different field, at Hymid we take the time to understand your requirements and use our expertise, experience and latest technology to help you to achieve your goals.


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