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Egg drop challenge – a natural 2-shot injection moulding

12 student teams hatched a plan to crack our engineering challenge at the Manufacturing, Technology & Innovation show at the Riviera International Centre, Torquay, Oct 23rd.

The teams were set the brief: Design a simple contraption that will enable an egg to land on a given target - completely undamaged - from a height of approximately 4 metres. So against the clock, they set to work using all the available materials and came up with some eggstremely ingenious solutions... When both sessions were over (phew) the teams gathered outside to watch the 'Eggstravagant  Egg Drop Final', with nominated egg droppers from each team scrambling to attain the perfect position. Landing right on target were 'The A Team', narrowly poaching victory from their school rivals: 'The Stockley Rangers'. Lots more pictures here One may ask "What does an egg drop challenge have in common with what Hymid does?" The answer is simple: the egg and its protective carrier (vehicle/craft) represent a typical two-shot moulding project - an injection moulded enclosure, made in the two-shot process can be drop-proof and rugged: essentially, to protect the sensitive electronics inside (the egg). And of course, it's all about working as a team to produce an innovative and effective solution with limited resources. So, now you know.


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