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#NMD2023 Trophy Presentation

Updated: Jan 26

In a celebration of education, manufacturing, and achievement, members of Team Hymid recently attended Churston Ferrers Grammar School to present a trophy to winners of a competition held as part of MAKE UK’s National Manufacturing Day 2023.

National Manufacturing Day 2023 (#NMD2023) took place in September last year. The nationwide event saw manufacturers across the length and breadth of the country opening their doors to their local communities to showcase their technology, manufacturing prowess and specialist staff. #NMD2023 saw Hymid hosting 60 enthusiastic GCSE students from local secondary schools, offering them an immersive experience in the world of manufacturing. We also hosted distinguished guests including MP for Torbay Kevin Foster, Civic Mayor Mark Spacagna, local councillor Mandy Darling and MAKE UK’s Jim Davison.

To read more about Hymid’s #NMD2023 event, click here.

From Pencil to Prototype: The Creative Journey

During the event, students were tasked with designing a trophy. The winning team, aptly named “The Better Combat Wombats” from Churston Ferrers Grammar School, crafted an imaginative design featuring a wombat donning a military-style helmet. This initial sketch enabled Hymid’s design team to take the trophy design forward into production.

"The intention behind this exercise was to see how well the students could work as a team. With only a fifteen minute window, they were tasked with getting organised and engaging in a collaborative session to sketch their ideas on paper. It was encouraging to see how they rose to the challenge!" - Richard Lees, Design Director

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CAD Drawing and 3D Printing

Hymid’s design engineers took the student’s pencil drawing and transformed it into an electronic design using Solidworks, a powerful Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software.

Using Hymid’s 3D printing capability, the team were able to bring the wombat trophy to life, the trophy was then painted adding yet more detail to the intricate design. The result was a meticulously crafted trophy, a testament to the endless possibilities that arise when creativity and technology converge.

"Rapidly drawing-up a 3D Wombat in Solidworks (CAD) was one of the more obscure challenges we faced in 2023. The aim was to adhere as closely to the students' design as possible, without imposing too much refinement, or artistic licence." - Richard Lees, Design Director

Congratulations all round!

Hymid’s involvement in #NMD2023 was nicely rounded off last week, as Peter Flynn (Head of Compliance) attended an assembly at Churston Ferrers Grammar School to present the trophy.

The trophy, a tangible representation of the students’ imaginative prowess wasn’t the only thing presented at the gathering. Peter also issued the winning team a special winner’s certificate and the students also each received a Chilly’s water bottle in recognition of their efforts.

As a business, Hymid is dedicated to garnering interest in and nurturing the next generation of STEM workers and leaders. We recognise the importance of helping to promote UK Manufacturing and giving the next generation tangible experiences that encourage them to see value in our industry. We would like to wish the students the very best of luck as they start to take the first steps into their careers and we eagerly are looking forward to the next National Manufacturing Day!

"MAKE UK’s National Manufacturing Day was a great opportunity for Hymid to engage local students, make them aware of opportunities within manufacturing and to have fun! Our staff gained as much from the experience as the students so a real win/win; we’ll definitely be doing it again this year!" - Tom McMurtrie, Managing Director

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