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Empowering talent through real world experience

Updated: Jan 26

At Hymid, we believe in fostering talent and encouraging young people into the STEM fields. We're always looking for ways to empower the next generation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) workers and leaders. One way we support the development of local young people is through work experience schemes. During her week of work experience, Olivia collaborated with our Marketing Executive, James, at Hymid. She actively contributed to our social channels by creating captivating content, capturing photos and videos, and crafting engaging captions for upcoming posts. This hands-on exposure provided Olivia with valuable insights into the day-to-day responsibilities of marketing at Hymid. We are optimistic that this real-world experience has laid a solid foundation for her future studies and endeavours in the field.

Our work experience opportunities are designed to provide hands-on opportunities for young talent, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. Through these programs, we nurture aspiring engineers and tech enthusiasts, guiding them towards becoming innovative problem solvers who will shape the world of tomorrow. Another recent work experience student was Daisy. Despite Daisy's interest in chemical engineering, which is not directly related to our work, we were determined to highlight the importance of STEM fields. During her time with us, Daisy received hands-on experience in our tool room, where she actively participated in team activities such as tool cleaning, gaining valuable insights into the daily tasks of our tool room staff.

To provide her with a taste of her desired career path, the Design Team assigned Daisy a design task that involved utilizing CAD technology—something she will encounter frequently in her future aspirations. Daisy's exceptional performance in this task showcased her potential and adaptability, even in a different field of interest. We are thrilled to have contributed to her understanding of STEM and provided her with a glimpse of the practical applications she might encounter in her journey ahead. Team Hymid has a passion for investing in new talent and helping bring forward the next generation of STEM workers. To find out more about our business or how we can be a trusted partner for your plastic injection moulding needs, call us today on ☎️ 01803 615380 or email us at ✉️ – our specialist staff are standing by to help!

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