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Flash to Bang goes to the heart

It's been a busy start to the year what with preparations for F2B 6 - 'Heart of England'. Yes, we take our product design roadshow to the centre of Blighty's beating industrial heart! The Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon is the venue - a fantastic building chock-full of design classics - so our delegates can fully appreciate how the application of emerging technology along with intelligent (and beautiful) design can result in truly game-changing products. Remember the Reliant Regal van (as used by 'Trotters Independent Traders'?) With 3 wheels and lightweight aluminium construction, Reliant commenced production of a wholly glass-fibre body in 1956, meaning a further reduction in weight, thus needing a less powerful engine to power it. And only a motorcycle licence to drive it.

"What relevance is this?" you may ask. My point is, that good design becomes classic design when we consider all things from all angles: holistic design. You know it makes sense, Rodders! These days, consumers can be a fickle lot: they want this, that, and the other - with knobs on too (how about  inbuilt solar cells and capable of turning on your central heating half an hour prior to your return home...) We invariably look for added value in our gadgets - expect it, even. It's not enough that a phone simply enables one to make and receive calls - they need to look and feel great, they need to be so user-friendly that you may feel you absolutely cannot live without it. To put this into context: Intel CEO Paul Otellini ~ recalled the historic feat of technology represented by the Apollo 11 moon landing, and said: "Today, your smartphone has more computing power than existed in all of NASA in 1969." This 'added value'  is what we shall explore during 'Flash to Bang' - how integrating user-centred design principles early into the design process, thus informing the design for manufacture stage - not only results in highly desirable, iconic products - it creates brand loyalty and marks your brand as being the obvious choice in a sea awash with consumables.

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