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Hymid expands production capability with new injection moulding machine

Updated: Jan 26

Exciting things are happening here at Hymid. As part of a £300,000 investment programme, we have recently expanded our production capability by investing in a new injection moulding machine. The Arburg Allrounder ­– a 440-tonne 4000 kN machine – is the latest addition to our impressive line-up of injection moulding technology.

This investment will allow us to remain competitive in the UK market as the machine provides flexible production options for our clients, including larger format, single-shot injection moulding products. The Arburg Multi-lift robot and conveyor creates seamless product handling and can process material with a shot weight of up to 607 grams at an injection pressure of 2,000 bar, with a platen size (hxv) 1171 x 1171 mm.

"Our design for manufacture and tool development expertise makes us an end-to-end provider for product designers looking for support throughout the product development journey. "Having this extra capability means we can better scale and support new product launches, as well as being able to fulfil large-scale production projects for clients requiring one-off production or needing additional capacity." Hymid MD - Tom McMurtrie

For more information, please contact us today on 01803 615308.


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