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Hymid: maintaining business continuity

Updated: Jan 26

Hymid is leaning forward; our ‘Essential or Critical Business’ status across multiple sectors obliges us to maintain business continuity. We’re proud to be playing a key part in the delivery of life-saving and life-supporting technologies.

We’re supporting clients in the manufacture of life-saving medical supplies/technologies and infrastructure-critical products. This includes the production of components for a respirator used in hospitals and contaminated areas; developing medical devices for patients with respiratory diseases, one of the most ‘At Risk’ patient categories for COVID-19; supporting the production of a medical auto-injector to allow patients to self-administer when in self-isolation; and supplying parts for portable gas detectors that are widely used in hospitals and power plants to help maintain vital infrastructure.

But we’re also mindful of our responsibilities; we have restricted travel and social interaction, and taken measures to keep customers, suppliers, staff and sub-contractors safe and healthy. Hymid will continue to follow Government guidance and play our part in defeating Coronavirus.


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