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Hymid Re-Certified In ISO9001

Updated: Jan 26

ISO audits can be quite daunting due to their stringent and detailed nature. However, the knowledge and experience we had gained from previous audits for both ISO9001 and ISO13485, meant that we were confident in our ability to be re-accredited once again.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the audit was conducted online, which introduced some unexpected challenges, such as how we could evidence paper records and how to show jobs that were currently in progress. Department managers prepared for the audit by ensuring that all relevant documentation would be available to show the auditor via video call. Co-operation between office-based staff and remote workers enabled the audit to run smoothly; showing the auditor around the facility using mobile phones and tablets and using screen-sharing to guide the auditor through detailed records. Due to everyone’s hard work and careful preparation, the audit was a success; zero non-conformances and only two observations! We are delighted with the result, but recognise there’s always room to improve! The take-home message for us was that wherever possible, try to digitise your documentation! Whilst paper records certainly still have a place in many industries, it’s important to ensure that there’s also a digital copy wherever possible, for exactly these types of eventualities. We would like to say a huge thank you to our Quality Team; Tony, Kay and Peter for ensuring we had the right systems in place and for organising everything necessary to make sure the audit was a resounding success. Our re-accreditation ensures that all of our work, no matter how big or small, will continue to be of the highest quality.

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