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Injection Moulding For Medical & Healthcare Manufacture Applications

Updated: Jan 26

Hymid is one of the only two-shot injection moulding specialists in the UK with the capability to support medical device customers from design concept through validation to production for two-shot and technical injection moulding applications. So, how can we support you?

Experience in medical and healthcare device development

Hymid has been supporting medical device companies for several years. We’ve seen the demand for med-tech injection moulding development partnerships increase and have invested in our capability to meet this demand. This is in both technical single and two-shot injection moulding as well as over-moulding, advising on which technique is most appropriate to meet the design intent. Having the ISO 13485:2016 (Medical Devices) standard gives our customers assurance that we meet the global standard and have a policy of continuous improvement. We are never behind the curve – which ensures your products are the best they can be. While Hymid provides medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements, we’re equally able to work on non-clinical applications destined for the wider healthcare sector. Having well-defined processes and procedures ensures every product has our complete focus and care. Our portfolio of well-established, blue-chip medical device clients and healthcare businesses reflects our professional standing as the ‘go to’ medical development partner of choice when it comes to two-shot and technical single shot applications.

Does your production process require a cleanroom?

Many medical device applications do not actually require manufacturing in a cleanroom. But for those that do, Hymid is commissioning a Class 7 Cleanroom housing a two-shot injection moulding capability which can be adapted for micro moulding. This means that we will be able to produce technical single, two shot and micro-moulded components in a controlled environment.

Support through the product lifecycle

Hymid is far more than just a manufacturing partner. We have the insight and expertise to become involved at the earliest stage of your medical device development; often at the earliest stages of product design. Industry knowledge is essential, and we apply our capabilities through the product development lifecycle – enabling you to utilise the services that are right for you, and at the appropriate time: • Design for manufacture and mould flow analysis • Prototyping and pilot tooling • Mould tool development and build • IQ, OQ and PQ validation programmes • Pilot and scale-up production • Post mould customisation and assembly • Subsequent component modification, trialling and testing We create bespoke development and manufacturing partnerships, helping to bring concepts into production through a fully traceable, auditable process, whilst meeting the strictest of timeframes and budgets.

A practical example of our services in action

Hymid was asked to support the development, trialling, validation and subsequent production of a two-shot drug delivery auto-injector device component for a global medical client, requiring full traceability of both material batches and process parameters. The clarity of the first shot was critical while the colour of the second shot needed to be varied to simplify product identification. A two-shot application provided the most suitable, cost-effective method of delivering the design intent: • Optically clear first shot. • Coloured second shot in the same material, ensuring compatibility. • Chemical bond between the two shots, preventing leakage. • Polycarbonate which is fully recyclable.

“I have been particularly impressed… you have simply got on and delivered.” Supply Chain Manager – Medical Device Company

What next?

As a trusted medical development partner, we understand that getting to know you and your project is key. So let’s meet up – virtually or in person – to discuss what stage of the product development lifecycle you’re at. Contact Julius Guth on 01803 615308, and let’s see where we can help.


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