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Manufacturers must deliver on service - now more than ever

Updated: Jan 26

Our MD Tom McMurtrie has always sought to pursue excellence; a principle he’s brought with him from his time in the Armed Forces. So he instigated a survey of our customers to see and hear what they thought of brand ‘Hymid’ and to measure our customer service. The results were a pleasant surprise; this post is about what the results mean to him.

“Everyone knows that customer service is not about what you say, but about what you do. The past six months have posed new challenges for both Hymid and our customers, with fewer opportunities for face-to-face contact, and more reliance on video calls and e-mails. So we thought it was the right time to ask our customers, ‘How are we doing?’. And so that we could really gauge their opinion in an unbiased fashion, we tasked an external agency to speak with them on our behalf. A big thank you to customer experience professionals, CX Matters, for handling this for us. They spoke with 39 of our customers about the subjects of service, quality of performance and delivery, quotes and pricing, and technical support.

Hymid is a company our customers would recommend

I was especially thrilled to find out that, on the whole, we do a very good job. So much so that our customers would be willing to recommend us to others. It’s called the ‘net promoter score’ and we scored +76%. We found that we were on a par with Starbucks (+77%) and much higher than companies like Amazon (+62%) and Netflix (+68%); but way above the manufacturing average of +39%. I appreciate that we’re a smaller business with fewer customers to please. But now that I know that Tesla scores +96% we clearly still have some work to do! The other big takeaway for me is the consistency with which our customers scored us. In all the categories we were rated on, we scored at least 8.5 out of 10. I don’t want this to appear as showboating, but I must record my thanks to ‘Team Hymid’ for being so professional throughout the pandemic; for their focus and commitment to our customers despite the uncertainty around them. Indeed our customers scored our staff 5 out of 5 for their approach; being friendly, knowledgeable and understanding.

Service is about performing, at every level

The fact that our customers consider us to be much better than the average for our sector is reward enough for all the hard work we put in to help them succeed. We have tried hard to embed a process of continual improvement in our business, especially as we have worked to adapt what we do – both to changing market forces and the uncertainty that comes with the pandemic. I believe our technical knowledge and production capability – especially in the area of two-shot injection moulding – is second to none; that’s why I was happy to commission an independent survey of our customers. I feel we have been doing a great job, but there will always be more to do. I must invite Elon Musk down to Devon for a coffee… We’re also committed to supporting our local community, so are making a charity donation for every customer that responded, and I have written a cheque for £400 to Children’s Hospice South West. We’re very grateful to all those who took part. Many thanks again for a vote of confidence in Hymid, and please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can help with current or future projects.”


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