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Mission Impossible? No - Mission Critical, Part 1

Updated: Jan 26

Not a lot of people know this, so allow me to enlighten you of the hidden dangers that many of us face during the course of a day's work... An engineer repairing buried cables: a contractor inspecting the lining of a sewage pipe: a winemaker inspecting their latest brew... All face a common hazard, despite working in widely different industries - gas! The threat of toxic gas pervades all manner of trades from food and beverage manufacturing, brewing, distilling and winemaking, pharmaceutical and chemical processing, steel production, and water treatment, not just within the oil and gas industry - in fact, anyone who works in a confined space can be exposed to dangerous concentrations of poisonous gases...

Hymid has been working with leading Gas Detection experts Crowcon for many years. Their award-winning Tetra3, Gasman and Gas Pro are all hand-held detectors, their casings manufactured utilising two-shot moulding. The benefits of the twin shot injection moulding process are tantamount to the effective use of such life-saving necessities:

  1. Extremely durable, with high impact resistance/shock and vibration protection

  2. Water and dust resistant to IP65 and IP67, can be submerged in water

  3. Single button operation for all functions, can be operated with gloved hands

  4. ATEX approved (The ATEX Equipment Directive 94/9/EC covers electrical and mechanical equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres within the EU )

These important pieces of equipment are vital: as such, they are classed as 'Mission Critical' -  someone's life depends on it.


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