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New Grade 7/8 Cleanroom Extends Hymid’s Medical & Pharmaceutical Capability

Injection moulding for the medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical and electronics industries is a growth area for Hymid, and to enhance our capabilities we’ve commissioned a Grade 7/8 cleanroom. The Cleanroom houses a two-shot injection moulding capability which can be adapted for micro moulding. Our cleanroom uses decentralised air handling to process and deliver clean air in high volume, combining positive pressure and HEPA filtration. It’s a fully enclosed injection moulding area separated from the rest of our factory floor. The air is constantly being replaced, cleaned, and metered to keep particulates in line with the ISO 14644-1 standard. We can mould, assemble and package within the cleanroom to ensure complete product and component viability. This investment perfectly complements our ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) standard and our policy of continuous improvement. We have always seen ourselves as the ‘go to’ medical development partner of choice when it comes to two-shot and technical single-shot applications, backed by our portfolio of well-established, blue-chip medical device clients and healthcare businesses. We believe the cleanroom capability is the perfect reassurance for our clients to trust Hymid with precise specifications and stringent needs around patient and public safety. For more information on this project please contact us. Building a Class 7 cleanroom in under 60 seconds… Enjoy our timelapse video:


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