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Recycling Plastic Waste Through A New Partnership

Updated: Jan 26

Hymid has appointed a local zero to landfill company to handle our waste and provide traceable options for the future of recyclable plastics.

Tom McMurtrie, Hymid’s Managing Director, believes that this new, local partnership will not only mean that 100% of the company’s waste will avoid landfill, but Hymid can support and influence plastics re-use.

“Devon Contract Waste (DCW) is a regional supplier with a real focus on environmental change. Selecting them as our new provider is a change for the better, and we will be able to work in partnership to ensure our waste creates a far lower environmental impact and – more reassuringly – has a significant second-life capability. “DCW’s expertise in polymer recycling was hugely important to us. This is great news for Hymid, as we take massive steps within our own production processes to reduce plastic waste. One positive outcome of the current pandemic is that businesses are rethinking business relationships for the better. The idea of forging stronger local supplier partnerships makes complete sense to us.” - Tom McMurtrie, Managing Director - Hymid

DCW recently bought Polymer Industries and established DCW Polymers, which enables them to recycle specialist plastics as well as common industrial packaging. They have a wealth of expertise in plastic reuse, as well as a processing facility in Ivybridge where they are developing UK markets for the plastics they collect, creating a fully traceable loop. Across its wider commercial business, DCW handles more than 50 tonnes of mixed waste per hour, diverting it from landfill and significantly reducing its impact on the environment. The firm is the only Zero to Landfill operator in the region to process waste for recycling, rather than sending it all to energy from waste plants for incineration; a sustainable solution that provides materials to the manufacturing industry, creating jobs at all stages of the processing journey.


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