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SWMAS Support New 3D Printing Capability For Hymid

Thanks to SWMAS, Hymid now has the capability to design and 3D print its own jigs and fixtures using the latest 3D printing technology, leading to faster output and reduced lead times for customers. In a world where speed is everything, Hymid is always exploring new ways to provide a great service, even faster. This new in-house 3D printing capability reduces project timelines from weeks to days; something customers appreciate! The introduction of Hymid’s new 3D printer was supported by (the South West Manufacturing Advisory Service) which designs and deliver programmes of support that enable ambitious businesses to increase their productivity, improve operational efficiency, and develop existing skills to reach their growth potential. SWMAS have become Hymid’s trusted advisor on all matters associated with manufacturing, training, and funding. Providing an enhanced service is part of Hymid’s ethos, so investing in technology that would reduce lead times for customers was a no-brainer. SWMAS assisted with a grant application to help Hymid purchase a Markforged Mark Two 3D Printer that permits a print layer thickness as low as 0.1mm, enabling high-resolution parts to be produced. Utilising Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM), Hymid’s 3D printer produces highly complex parts in just a few hours. Traditionally, Hymid would order metal jigs and fixtures from third-party manufacturers which added significant delays to project timelines. These fixtures are essential for holding parts securely whilst they’re being measured, and with Hymid’s investment in a Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) a high degree of fixture accuracy is required to enable precise measurement. With Hymid’s new 3D printing capability, this manufacturing time has been reduced to a matter of hours, whilst still retaining much-needed build accuracy! The addition of the 3D printer has also assisted in the accurate manufacture of sub-assemblies and the provision of rapid prototypes to support customer decision-making, with more potential applications being identified every week! SWMAS visited Hymid to see the 3D printer in action and to advise on future funding opportunities. The 3D printer has been a game-changing addition to Hymid’s offering and was immediately apparent to SWMAS during their visit. If you would like to see the 3D printer in action, please check out the timelapse video below:


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