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10 Reasons To Choose Hymid As Your Instrumentation Development Partner

Updated: Jan 26

If you want a feature rich injection moulded electronic enclosure, but don’t know where to start, then Hymid could be the answer. Team Hymid takes pride in working with clients from the outset to find solutions to their problems. A call to Hymid could make what seemed impossible, not only possible but practical and surprisingly cost-effective.

Why choose Hymid as your instrumentation development partner?

1. You benefit from our design and engineering expertise. Your project will be supported by our Design, Projects, Manufacturing and Process Engineers with vast combined experience in single and two-shot moulding projects.

2. We help mitigate your project risk. Our knowledge and experience in helping to develop electronic enclosures for instrumentation customers means we can help identify, manage and substantially mitigate your project risk, giving you the confidence to invest.

3. We analyse the component design of all new projects from the viewpoint of ‘design for manufacture’ to improve mouldability; minimise second operations, reduce assembly time and simplify tooling – adding value and reducing cost at every stage.

4. We are not tooling agents. We take full responsibility for the entire toolmaking and tool commissioning project, providing a Hymid-backed tooling guarantee.

5. We’re a well-established British manufacturing company, with a modern production facility and a well-equipped, on-site tool room dedicated to supporting our moulding operation.

6. We add value. We don’t do cheap; we do add value and ensure quality – from design through tooling and into production; always be mindful of what you, the customer, are looking to achieve.

7. You get the assurance of a blue-chip ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) accredited business. Our certification is our guarantee of full traceability – all supported by an MRP system which fully integrates our processes and procedures.

8. If your device is medical related, Hymid also has ISO13485 (Medical Devices) certification, so can help manage these dual requirements.

9. Our doors are open to all for face-to-face meetings (observing social distancing guidelines of course) or we are equally happy with an on-line meeting. We’re a nice bunch and we love to talk about new products!

10. We are problem solvers and solution-finders, “second to none when it comes to two-shot moulding,” said Robert Dix, Team Leader Mechanical Design, Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd.

You’ll find even more reasons to use us once you’ve met us. Give us a call on 01803 615308 or email us and we’d be delighted to help explore your instrumentation project.


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