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Hymid Celebrates Plastic Industry Design Award With Chilly’s & Studio Wood!

Updated: Jan 26

Hymid are celebrating as proud winners of the Plastic Industry Award for ‘Best Consumer Product Design – International’! Everyone at Hymid is delighted to have their hard work on the Chilly’s Series 2 range recognised with such a prestigious award.

The Chilly’s Series 2 range focuses on the reusability of portable drinks containers, negating the need for single-use disposable bottles and cups. The range includes both a water bottle and coffee cup which are thermally insulated, designed to keep drinks warm or cold for long periods of time.

Work on the Series 2 range involved extensive collaboration between Hymid, Chilly’s and Studio Wood to create designs which not only look fantastic but are also highly innovative in the techniques and technologies employed. As one of only a handful of injection moulding companies in the UK capable of complex two-shot moulding, Hymid was able to provide the expertise required for the ambitious designs of the Series 2 range to become a reality. Hymid were pleased to be joined by Chilly’s and Studio Wood in attending the award ceremony, which was very well presented and topped off by Simon Evans, who warmed up the crowd before the winners were announced. Being able to celebrate the award together in person was a fitting result of the ongoing hard work and a huge amount of effort put in by all three companies.

Here at Hymid, we thrive on the challenges of new product development, where we can add real value to the development process. Hymid is privileged to be working so closely with companies whose values are aligned with our own and who are actively trying to tackle the issue of throw-away plastics and promote the adoption of reusable products.


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