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Hymid Clients Get BBC Exposure

Updated: Jan 26

There’s always a buzz here at Hymid when a product we’ve helped become a reality hits the shelves, wins awards, or starts making a positive difference in its working life. But it’s hard not to feel proud when you see a product playing a starring role on TV. Two of our projects have made recent BBC appearances.

Two-shot Satmap Active 20 gets the Top Gear treatment

You may have seen the Satmap Active 20 on Top Gear – or should we say three of these rugged devices. The Satmap Active 20 is a satellite tracking device used by hardcore walkers and explorers where phone GPS has no coverage, such as remote moorland or mountainous terrain. The devices were integral to the Top Gear team delivering new bulbs to the remote Ardnamurchan Lighthouse in the Scottish Highlands. Chris, Paddy and Freddie went off-road, accompanied by their Satmaps in 4x4 vehicles, and later on-foot with the hand-held devices, to recover hidden keys to the lighthouse. A great example of the product’s adaptability. Our Design for Manufacture expertise and quality-first philosophy played a huge role in the product’s success in the field. The two-shot moulded rigid polymer outer shell and elastomeric soft touch grip made the shockproof and waterproof Satmap Active 20 the perfect choice for the programme’s producers. You can read more about our work in partnership with Satmap here.

Detecting tooth plaque – with an app

We worked closely with Onaria Technologies on their uunn app, featuring a smart imaging technology that works with a smartphone camera to detect plaque on teeth. Together with founders Gina Dorodvand and Hawaa Budraa, Hymid developed the lens housing and mouthpiece essential for their app wizardry. Bringing the design to life was not an easy process due to the soft elastomer core and hard PP (Polypropylene) outer shell. Two-shot products traditionally have a hard polymer for the first shot and a soft elastomer over the top, so this product effectively had to be moulded inside out. Not being a company to shy away from such challenges, we called on our multi-shot expertise and made considerable progress with Onaria. The pair appeared on the latest series of Dragon's Den, bidding to secure investment for a 3.5% stake in their business. Indeed, Touker Suleyman was impressed by the product and offered them the full investment, but for 30% of their business – which they declined. Since the show, Onaria has raised six-figure sums from investors, demonstrating the commercial viability of the product.


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