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Injection Moulding For Medical & Healthcare Applications

Updated: Jan 26

Hymid are experts in technical mouldings for medical and healthcare applications. Are you looking for help getting your plastic products to market?

Do you need a development partner or a UK manufacturing supplier? From Design for Manufacture support during your initial concepts, to mould flow analysis: to prototyping and production of samples for your design verification and measurement – through to pre-production tooling, IQ, OQ and PQ validation programmes.

A practical example: pharmaceutical vials

This is part of a drug delivery auto-injector device for a global medical client, requiring full traceability of both material batches and process parameters.

The clarity of the first shot is critical whilst the second shot's colour is varied to make product identification simple.

  1. Optically clear

  2. High tolerance

  3. Polycarbonate - fully recyclable

"I have been particularly impressed by the way your team have turned the business around - you have simply got on and delivered." Supply Chain Manager - Owen Mumford

We can support you every step of the way – so please call us today!


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